Your Guide to Commercial Fitouts with Axiom Workplaces

Creating the perfect commercial space is both an art and a science. It's about bringing together aesthetics, functionality, and the essence of a brand to create environments where businesses can thrive. 

Axiom Workplaces specialises in transforming commercial spaces into bespoke environments that reflect your brand's values and meet your operational needs with evidenced based design

This comprehensive guide is your starting point for understanding and embarking on your commercial fitout journey.

Introduction to Commercial Fitouts

Commercial fitouts involve customising interior spaces to suit specific business needs, enhancing the functionality and appearance of workplaces. 

The significance of a well-designed office cannot be overstated—it influences employee productivity, attracts talent, and communicates your brand's identity to clients and visitors.

Commercial fitouts are essential for tailoring interior spaces to specific business needs, significantly enhancing workplace functionality and aesthetics. 

Beyond mere decoration, a well-conceived office design profoundly impacts employee productivity, talent attraction, and brand presentation to clients and visitors. 

It's a strategic investment in creating an environment that not only meets operational requirements but also embodies the company's culture and values, fostering a positive workplace atmosphere that encourages collaboration and innovation.

Types of Commercial Fitouts

Commercial fitouts involve customising interior spaces to suit specific business needs, enhancing the functionality and appearance of workplaces. 

The significance of a well-designed office cannot be overstated—it influences employee productivity, attracts talent, and communicates your brand's identity to clients and visitors.

Commercial fitouts can be broadly categorised into several types, each catering to different industry needs. 

These include:

  • Traditional office fitouts: designed to optimise space and encourage productivity;
  • Retail fitouts: which aim to enhance customer experience and maximise sales.
  • Specialised fitouts for sectors like healthcare and education: requiring specific design considerations for safety, accessibility, and functionality.

Each type demands a unique approach to layout, materials, and technology integration, reflecting the specific operational needs and brand identity of the business.

Planning Your Fitout

The journey begins with a vision. Understanding your needs, setting a realistic budget, and choosing a fitout partner who shares your vision is crucial. 

Planning involves assessing space, anticipating future needs, and creating a design that aligns with your brand identity.

At Axiom Workplaces, we take pride in our collaborative approach to planning your fitout. From the outset, we engage with you to understand your vision, values, and operational needs. 

Through comprehensive consultations, we meticulously assess your space requirements, focusing on current needs while anticipating future growth. 

Our process involves integrating the latest design trends and technological innovations to develop a tailored blueprint that reflects your brand's identity and enhances workspace functionality. 

We welcome client feedback at every stage, refining our designs to ensure the final outcome not only meets but exceeds your expectations, embodying your brand and optimising your space for efficiency and growth.


Design and Trends

The world of commercial design is ever-evolving, with trends leaning towards sustainability, collaborative spaces, and technology-driven solutions. 

Incorporating these trends can create a space that is not only modern but also adaptable to future changes in the workplace.

Recent trends have significantly shifted towards creating spaces that promote wellness, flexibility, and sustainability. Biophilic design, which incorporates natural elements into the workspace to enhance employee well-being, has gained prominence. 

There's also a growing emphasis on adaptable spaces that can easily be reconfigured to meet changing needs, reflecting the dynamic nature of modern work. 

Sustainable materials and practices are increasingly prioritised, reflecting a commitment to environmental responsibility. 

Smart technology integration has become standard, allowing for more efficient space management and enhancing the user experience within commercial fitouts. 

Axiom Workplaces is at the forefront of integrating these trends into our designs, ensuring that your space is not only modern and functional but also forward-thinking.

The Fitout Process

A successful fitout is the result of meticulous planning and execution. From initial design concepts to navigating approvals and managing construction, the process requires expertise and attention to detail.

At Axiom Workplaces we employ a data-driven approach to workplace strategy for the fitout process, emphasising cost and delivery certainty. 

The methodology encompasses a comprehensive evaluation to align with business needs, integrating key objectives into strategy, design, project management, and construction, ensuring the project aligns with client requirements and budget. 

The process includes innovative solutions prioritising sustainability, using our ESG Method, and offers a wide range of materials and furniture. 

Axiom's collaborative method focuses on understanding client culture and promoting effective collaboration for successful project delivery on time and to budget.

Axiom_ Methodology Chart_ Outlined Text_ AW_ 2.0_Whiteback
  • 01. Insight
  • 02. Intelligence 
  • 03. Ideation
  • 04. Implementation
  • 05. Impact
InsightInsight – Thought Leadership

We share our insights via a range of platforms. These include our bespoke client Insight Sessions and our comprehensive events program. Our team also share their knowledge through whitepapers and insights articles.

IntelligenceIntelligence - Workplace Strategy

We establish your challenges, aspirations, and business objectives, using these to set goals aligned with the vision of your business. Using our suite of wrkx™ tools, we measure the impact of workplace design on an organisation. Using data and insights we develop a consultative strategic roadmap which ensures achievement of your future workplace goals.

IdeationIdeation - Design

Utilising our data driven insights, the Ideation phase encompasses innovative design thinking, technical know-how and best practice. We partner with our clients to understand their project requirements. Then we collaboratively create workspace environments that support their employees to do their best work and showcase their organisational brand.

ImplementationImplementation - Construction

Axiom’s integrated methodology for consistent and risk-free project delivery, is grounded in our collaborative approach. We manage the project maintaining transparency and safety throughout the process, so your strategy can be realised. In this way, your workplace construction can be a seamless, enjoyable process.

ImpactImpact - Post Construction

We work with clients to ensure that their use of their new workplace is a success. Using wrkx™, we measure the organisational impact of your new workplace, and periodically retest to keep it relevant.

Case Studies

Our portfolio showcases the transformative power of expertly executed fitouts. Each case study highlights the objectives, challenges, and outcomes of our projects, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

Axiom Case Study Wingate Melbourne

Wingate - High End

Wingate is a leading investment house. This project placed silver in the Better Future Awards 2023, and Silver for the Australian Interior Design Awards 2024.

Read the Wingate Case Study


Elmo - Mid Tier

ELMO is Australia and New Zealand’s only integrated cloud HR and payroll solution and is the fastest growing HR tech company in the region.


Read the Elmo Case Study


RSL Lifecare - Economy

RSL LifeCare is a charitable organisation caring for over 7,500 residents in 25 retirement villages and 26 Aged Care Homes across NSW and the ACT.

Read the RSL Lifecare Case Study

Choosing a Fit Out Partner

Selecting the right fit out partner is fundamental to your project's success. Read our guide, "What to look for in a workplace design partner."

Choosing Axiom Workplaces as your fitout partner brings our experience and commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customization to your project. 

Our data-driven approach tailors every aspect to your specific requirements, ensuring cost and delivery certainty. With our focus on sustainability, a broad selection of materials and furniture, and a collaborative process, we're dedicated to creating a space that embodies your brand and culture.


What is a commercial office fitout?
A commercial office fitout involves customising the interior spaces of an office to suit the specific needs and brand identity of a business, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.
How long does a fit out take?
The duration varies depending on the size and complexity of the project but generally ranges from a few weeks to several months.
What are the costs involved in a commercial fitout?
Costs can vary widely based on the scope of the project, the quality of materials chosen, and the level of customisation required.
Can I stay in my office during the fitout?
This depends on the extent of the fitout. For minor renovations, you may be able to remain in the space, but larger projects might require temporary relocation.
How does Axiom Workplaces ensure the project stays on budget and on time?
Axiom employs a data-driven approach, detailed planning, and close communication with clients to ensure projects are delivered as promised.


Investing in a commercial fitout is a strategic decision that pays dividends in brand perception, employee satisfaction, and operational efficiency. 

Axiom Workplaces specialises in commercial office fitouts, emphasising a data-driven approach that combines purposeful design and cutting-edge technology. 

Our process, focusing on delivering projects on time and within budget, begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the workplace. 

Axiom's services span from workplace strategy and design to project management and construction, with a keen focus on sustainability

We ensure a tailored fit out that aligns with your business needs, culture, and promotes effective collaboration, making them a trusted partner in creating thriving workspaces.

For more detailed insights into commercial office fitouts, including how Axiom Workplaces can tailor a fitout to your needs, please contact us for a complimentary insights session.

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