Our secret to effective workplace design

  Shane Hales
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Our secret to effective workplace design

wrkx measures the impact of workplace design on an organisation. These proprietary evaluation tools provide empirical insights that both drive and measure the impact of workplace design strategy. Revolutionising the way decisions are made, and investments are evaluated, wrkx signifies a more strategic approach for effective workplace design

Introducing wrkx INDEX

With wrkx INDEX, clients are measuring the effectiveness of their workplace design and its impact on people. Through a fully-automated online workplace design experience survey,  employees report on key components like working styles, design elements, work patterns, business outcomes, sustainability impacts and key demographics.

A wrkx Thrive Index™ metric follows on from workplace analysis and detailed reporting. The wrkx THRIVE INDEX™ is an indicator of employee satisfaction and success within an organisation's physical setting. It combines several measures from the wrkx INDEX™ survey, including employees' workplace net promoter score (wNPS), the current workplace performance against 21 workplace design elements, and current workplace impacts on the employee, customer, and organisational outcomes.

It can be a challenge to know what to do with all of this information, which is why wrkx INDEXTM also includes a debrief with an experienced workplace strategist. 

The benefits of wrkx INDEX

Data-driven insights craft an improved workplace experience

Workplace strategy and design are used to optimise existing spaces by building on real-time data and trends. Using employee-generated data puts an organisation’s people at the centre of workplace strategy and supports their needs, wants and expectations. 

According to a Capital One Work Environment Survey, 90 per cent of employees agree that they can perform their jobs better in well-designed workplaces.

The gathering and correct use of data is pivotal to the success of workplace design today. Assumptions, instinct and design best practices do not consider what workplace design can achieve (such as organisational goals and prepare employees for high productivity and engagement). This approach is therefore plagued with risk, the potential for unreturned investments and missed opportunities in the war for talent, culture and organisational goals

Analyse work styles and patterns to optimise workplace design

The goal of successful workplace design is to deliver the environment and tools that employees need to effectively deliver organisational goals.   

wrkx INDEXTM analyses working styles and patterns in order for the design to support them.  

Score your workplace and benchmark against industry sectors

Benchmarking plays a dual purpose. Firstly, it allows stakeholders to set specific and clear goals for the workplace. Secondly, it enables senior decision-makers to compare with similar organisations, to assess where they are positioned in the industry. This may lead to some adjusted decision making in order to remain competitive for talent and customers. 

Validate a business case for a workplace transformation

Before any workplace transformation project, whether a refurbishment or a move to a new space, stakeholder buy-in is required. Often interested in commercial goals and results, the ROI of a workplace strategy and design has, until recently, been difficult to calculate. Now, with a strong business case, validated wrkx INDEX, organisations have a much more scientific and commercial way to understand, invest and measure. 

Keeping workplaces relevant

The workplace change in recent years has been dramatic and may continue to evolve. Ongoing diagnostics via subscription helps clients to maintain their workplace's relevance, tweaking and adjusting aspects of the workplace that are crucial to gaining an advantage in a competitive environment.   

wrkx in action

A leading technology company with 500+ employees was operating across multiple offices in two separate buildings. As part of a broader growth strategy, a more flexible and collaborative workplace was required to allow the business and employees to grow together. 

Using wrkx INDEX™, the organisation's employees were surveyed before and after their workplace transformation, specifically examining the physical work environment and workplace design elements.

The result: The organisation increased their wrkx Thrive Index™ score by 17 points and their Workplace Net Promoter Score by 124 points.

"Our new HQ has realised more connectivity and community engagement than I had even hoped. I feel the opportunity for collaboration and engagement will only increase. This is critical for engagement and performance of the business." - said the client.

The wrkx suite

Additional to wrkx INDEX, wrkx also includes: 

  • wrkx USAGE - Uses best of breed AI-driven occupancy sensors to understand your workplace occupancy and movement. 
  • wrkx PROFILES - Offers a deep dive into employee attitudes, examining the drivers behind their experience and behaviour.

Explore all that wrkx has to offer your organisation.