Support your business objectives with workplace strategy

Workplace strategy aligns the employee experience with your organisational objectives. It informs your real estate location, working model and workplace design to align employee thinking and behaviours with the organisation's direction.

Working in support of objectives such as efficiency, sustainability, culture change, or talent attraction, data-driven workplace strategy is about so much more than engaging spaces. The right partner can help you create an intelligent workplace strategy that delivers on your commercial and cultural objectives.

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With change comes opportunity

Recent shifts in work patterns are creating opportunities for organisations to rationalise space, relocate or leverage their current workplaces for better performance.

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With opportunity comes uncertainty

Can my teams work remotely? What ways of working supports our culture change? Can we keep everyone productive and connected? What will we need tomorrow?

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Workplace strategy removes the uncertainty

Workplace decisions based on
insight and commercial results.

  • Discover commercial objectives and current work patterns, space usage, needs and culture
  • Empirically define the workplace that delivers to your objectives - from behaviours, to locations, from policies to functionality
  • Align and excite your people with the opportunity

Get clarity on your workplace opportunities with data-driven insights. Get the certainty you need to confidently create your future of work.

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A truly data-driven approach to workplace strategy

We gather and share insights, then establish your challenges, aspirations, and business objectives, using these to set goals aligned with the vision of your business.


We use data and insights to develop a consultative strategic roadmap, which ensures achievement of your future workplace goals.

We work with you to develop a thorough workplace strategy, planning a future space that’s aligned with the vision for your business. Deliver the ideal future space where your people will reach their fullest potential.


Our evidence-based methodologies, including our unique wrkx Index, quantify the impact of workplace strategy on your strategic goals - by benchmarking key metrics both before and after our engagement.

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Get clarity on your workplace opportunities.

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