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Workplace strategy removes the uncertainty

Workplace decisions based on
insight and commercial results.

  • Discover commercial objectives and current work patterns, space usage, needs and culture
  • Empirically define the workplace that delivers to your objectives - from behaviours, to locations, from policies to functionality
  • Align and excite your people with the opportunity

Get clarity on your workplace opportunities with data-driven insights. Get the certainty you need to confidently create your future of work.

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Data to prove the ROI on your workplace transformation investment.

Measure the Impact of workplace decisions with the WRKXTM Index workplace transformation survey.

  • Use data-driven insights to craft an improve the workplace experience
  • Analyse working styles and work patterns to optimise your workplace design
  • Score your workplace and benchmark against industry sectors
  • Validate a business case for a workplace transformation
  • Undertake ongoing diagnostics to maintain your workplace's relevance


Clearly understand and communicate to your organisation, the tangible results of a new workplace design.

The WRKXTM Index provides tangible data to measure the effectiveness of workplace design. For the first time, business leaders can prove the ROI on their workplace investment.

WRKXTM Index data uncovers the optimal environments and methods that enable your team to excel. Axiom strategists utilise the data collected from this expertly crafted workplace transformation survey to gain insights into the evolving work habits, office dynamics, and driving forces of your workforce, empowering decision makers to strategically focus on what matters most to their organisation. This bridges the gap between the digital, tangible, and individual spheres of your employees' lives within your organisation, to fortify the communal bonds.

See below the Post Index Results proving the ROI on a Financial Institutions Workplace Strategy and Design. 

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With change comes opportunity

Recent shifts in work patterns are creating opportunities for organisations to rationalise space, relocate or leverage their current workplaces for better performance.

Axiom Workplace Strategy Icon Opportunity

With opportunity comes uncertainty

Can my teams work remotely? What ways of working supports our culture change? Can we keep everyone productive and connected? What will we need tomorrow?

Prove ROI on your Workplace Transformation.

Clearly understand and communicate to your organisation, the impacts of workplace design with a Workplace Strategy.

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The industry’s only data-driven approach to workplace strategy

Stage 01

Insight - Thought Leadership
We share our insights via a range of platforms. These include our bespoke client Insight Sessions and our comprehensive events program. Our team also share their knowledge through whitepapers and insights articles.

Stage 02

Intelligence - Workplace Strategy
We establish your challenges, aspirations, and business objectives, using these to set goals aligned with the vision of your business. Using our suite of wrkx™ tools, we measure the impact of workplace design on an organisation. Using data and insights we develop a consultative strategic roadmap which ensures achievement of your future workplace goals.

Stage 05

Impact - Post Construction

We work with clients to ensure that their use of their new workplace is a success. Using wrkx™, we measure the organisational impact of your new workplace, and periodically retest to keep it relevant.

Prove ROI on your Workplace Transformation.

Clearly understand and communicate to your organisation, the impacts of workplace design with a Workplace Strategy.

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