Creating the ultimate workplace through our integrated design approach

  Alister Hales
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Creating the ultimate workplace through out integrated design approach

We believe in the power of intelligent design to motivate a productive and inspired workforce. At Axiom, we use an integrated strategy, design and delivery approach that seamlessly incorporates business objectives to create ultimate value. This is founded on our commitment to client satisfaction and finding the perfect equilibrium between efficient timelines, meeting budgets and achieving the end goal. 

The integrated approach provides an end-to-end workplace strategy based on the principles of Insight, Intelligence, Ideation, Implementation and Impact.

It’s where strategy, design and execution come together to bring your workplace vision to life through evidence-based processes. 

Why Axiom uses the integrated strategy, design and delivery approach 

Over the years, we’ve expanded out our strategy, design and build teams and with that, we’ve organically grown into a think-tank for workplace strategy, leading us to devise a solid, integrated approach. This methodology has been refined, continually tested and employs the tactical prowess of workplace strategists to provide a complete, end-to-end office fitout: The strategy cites the key objectives for the client’s big picture and is then creatively woven into the design and build management for the best outcomes at each phase. 

The benefits of the integrated approach

This approach enables us to understand the maximum potential of a client’s business and what we can offer them in order for them to achieve their goals. This methodology is a major testament to the success of our projects and is centred on offering practical solutions that push the boundaries. 

Better outcomes through expertise 

We bring best practice to the table by identifying what’s possible and having a deep understanding of our client’s business and what they need to perform better. We blend the knowledge of technical and change management consultants with our in-house workplace strategy consultants to help carve the way in creating thriving workplaces. We apply the knowledge of technology specialists who have a close ear to the ground on the latest and greatest advancements for workplaces, as well as leadership experts to effectively navigate change management for our clients. We transform workplaces and equip businesses with the resources to embrace the change and get the most value. 

Save time

This approach is also time-efficient as the design and delivery overlaps and is underpinned by a considered workplace strategy. This gives us the ability to do things concurrently through blending design, budget and structural feasibility to make the project work. 

Control costs effectively

By integrating all the moving parts in creating the optimal workplace, we’re able to provide our clients with more cost transparency from the outset. This is because of the early involvement of contractors to offer full visibility of costs in the concept design phase. 

Reduce risk

This approach ensures that your workplace partner takes full responsibility for managing the entire process. This means that there’s a lesser risk of unexpected costs, lesser risk of the design not meeting construction principles and eliminates a potential disconnect between multiple suppliers and services thanks to the single, holistic project management offering. 

Reduce effort

For the businesses we serve, it means they need to put in minimum effort while we work to achieve maximum output for them. With us overseeing the full project from workplace strategy through to design, delivery and post-occupancy, the client can spend less time on resourcing, and more time on their role within their organisation. We manage all the different stakeholders so we are that one point of contact, streamlining the entire operation.

How Axiom do it differently


Detailed schedules of costs are shared with the clients upfront and the project budget is tracked through the entire project. By involving contractors in the initial stages, you get the people on the ground who are actually bringing the project to life to be involved in design discussions which creates tremendous improvements in efficiency and confirms the structural viability of the design.


We incorporate evidence-based design to deliver the ultimate worker experience. Our evidence-based design is built around collaboration with our clients and a data-driven approach using our unique wrkx data and strategy toolset. wrkx measures the impact of workplace design on an organisation. Our wrkx INDEX tool measures how your current workplace impacts your organisation and employees. We use these findings to help us create an analytical, yet inspirational workplace and then measure how effective the new workplace is, ensuring the achievement of workplace objectives and show you a return on your investment.

Before we start a project, we provide a questionnaire developed in conjunction with behavioural psychologists to assess the effectiveness of the current workplace design. This looks at all the different design elements within an office and their purpose, allowing staff to have their say on what their workplace needs to operate more effectively or inspire  motivation. This informs what is most important to the business and their culture and what gaps need to be filled, for example, does the workplace need to better support hybrid working.

Value engineering

Value engineering starts at the very beginning. Our project management team is involved in the initial concept, design ideation, and construction consultations to make sure what has been designed can be built and fit in line with the client’s budget. A project's requirements are continually reviewed to provide assurance of compatibility between design and construction. Each review point has a detailed schedule of costs and timelines to give clients greater visibility and transparency. 

Through data-driven insights and bold creativity, Axiom is able to deliver on the vision of considered and well-crafted workplaces for organisations, allowing them to be at the pinnacle of their performance through our groundbreaking and high-yielding integrated design approach. 

Modern workplaces need spaces configured to meet future business demands and to power growth. Visit the Progressive Leader’s Guide to the Future of Work to find out more.