Axis Communications is an integrated technology solution provider that manufactures network cameras for the physical security and video surveillance industries. They offer solutions based on sight, sound and analytics to improve security and optimise business performance for their customers.

Before Axiom…

Axis is in the process of shifting their brand from being a security hardware provider to a company that provides integrated technology solutions. With a 10-year lease in their large space, Axis was ready to transform their workplace to align with their new vision and direction.

The brief was a high-energy workplace that seamlessly connected staff inside and outside the local office with collaboration spaces and best-in-class communications technology. All of this was to happen within an expansive, yet personalised, experiential environment. 

The business had a unique opportunity to create an Experience Centre, a multi-purpose space that showcases leading-edge technology to clients as an experiential journey. The brief was to use design to finely balance seemingly opposing constructs of cutting-edge technology with a welcoming, friendly feel.

After Axiom…

With the journey as the central design concept, we designed the Axis Experience Centre as a sequence of client experiences that visually guided clients. 

The experience begins with the arrival – an energetic welcome, with a dramatic and tech-inspired back-lit foyer. As the explorer proceeds throughout, they find the showcased technology embedded in softened colours, textures, and environmental graphics. The Experience Centre enjoys natural light and the space features a prominent social gathering area, instilling an immediate connection with both people and the outside environment. 

“The Axis team wanted its front-of-house showcase to be experienced as a journey – one that finely balanced the seemingly opposing constructs of cutting edge technology with a welcoming, friendly feel”. – Annelie Xenofontos, Senior Associate Strategy

Based on the concept of The Golden Mile, we deployed a range of integrated design techniques to guide the journey including colour-blocking to highlight different aspects of the narrative, backlighting for visual effect, angled linear lighting for dramatic effect, reflective finishes and textural play for interest and energy, as well as 3d wayfinding.

An equally inspiring journey has been created for staff. The team space features a large break-out space that capitalises on the view (with the hallowed MCG to the left and Port Phillip Bay to the right) and offers ample amenities while featuring varied work points, focus spaces and collaboration spaces. 

“Meanwhile, back-of-house was endowed with diverse yet well-connected work points, multiple collaboration areas as well as access to the view and all amenities”. – Annelie Xenofontos, Senior Associate Strategy

This was a job of balance and connection, bringing function and design together into a seamless journey for both clients and staff. 

At a glance

  • Two spaces, distinct, yet connected, technologically enabled, yet welcoming
  • Simple Scandi-style design, consistent and complementary to their headquarters in Lund, Sweden
  • Longevity and low maintenance in both design and materials
  • Used sustainable products and materials to complement their  6-star green building and a 5-star NABERS rating

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