“This is an amazing space where everybody can come together in all sorts of different ways. This is how we created real buzz and energy in the organisation through the design and layout.” – Karen, Interior Designer, Axiom Workplaces

Founded in 2006, Cisco Meraki is the industry leader in cloud-managed IT. With more than two million active networks and 5.7 million devices online, the company develops simple yet powerful solutions that help businesses worldwide save time and money.

Before Axiom…

The project focused on Cisco Meraki’s desire to combine US and Australian office cultures into an efficient and productive working environment. The company wanted to build a workplace that effectively blended the best of both worlds. “One of the main challenges was bringing together a San Francisco-based company and a Sydney-based company – asking ourselves: How could we integrate them subtly and intelligently?” explained Karen, an interior designer with Axiom Workplaces.

Cisco Meraki also wanted to create a strong sense of culture and community within the organisation, a goal that was especially important because they were amalgamating two different companies.

Finally, the company needed to address the lack of appropriate meeting rooms and collaboration spaces.

After Axiom…

The team at Axiom did significant research and planning on how to integrate the cultures of the two cities in the colour scheme and design. They studied iconic aspects of both areas, including the shapes and forms of each city and how they could be expressed within a workplace environment.

In the final design, Sydneysiders’ love of fresh air, greenery and sunshine guided the overall palette of natural tones. From the San Francisco side, the team focused on architectural icons, such as the Painted Ladies’ zigzag rooflines and Lombard Street’s famous switchback road. This inspired the angled workstations that reflect the zigzag typologies and create private spaces where people can breakaway and experience a more relaxed work setting.

“The soft colours we found on the Painted Ladies – soft pinks, terracottas and sage greens – integrated beautifully with that Australian aesthetic that we were trying to achieve.” – Karen

A fully functioning commercial kitchen was also designed to hold large breakfasts, lunches and dinners for all staff and visitors. The kitchen opens up to a large breakout area that can facilitate all types of events and conferences.

“We created a workflow that allowed for servery, benches and a coffee area where a barista could come in,” said Donna, another interior designer at Axiom Workplaces.

The kitchen workflow starts with food coming out of the kitchen. People then pick up a plate and walk through the serving areas, reflecting the zigzag configuration. Once done with their meal, everything goes back to the kitchen for cleaning and washing using the commercial equipment. The layout was intended to streamline the process and increase efficiency, especially for large events.

To help build a sense of community within the organisation, Axiom designed workspaces that bring people together, including a coffee bar area and tiered seating purpose-built for the monthly dial-in with San Francisco. Karen described these as “small areas where people can find their individuality among the greater, larger community. We’ve now got an area where everything comes together.”

“Every spot is utilised. There’s somebody in every corner and in every type of furniture. There are people everywhere and they’re really using the space – so that to us is the result that we’re after in the end. That’s the achievement.”

At a glance

  • Integrated two cities through colour scheme and design
  • Angular workstations to create breakout areas in between
  • Fully functioning commercial kitchen and efficient workflow to facilitate large events and meals
  • Breakout area that brings people together, enhancing office culture and community

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