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  Annelie Xenofontos
  5 Min Read

You might be looking around your office interior at this very moment and thinking it’s renovation time. But change for change’s sake is not the solution.

Many office refurbishment companies – including interior designers and other fitout specialists – will take a purely visual approach to enacting your commercial office refurbishment, without considering the unique culture and drivers of your business.

How can your culture be leveraged to promote staff wellness and workforce performance, attract and retain A-grade talent, and meet the demands of a multigenerational workforce and rapidly evolving technology?

Only by approaching your business from a 360-degree, multidimensional perspective will your new office fitout be a change worth making. That’s why you need to enlist the services of a workplace transformation partner, not just another office fitout company.

Here’s how a workplace change partner, the likes of Axiom, will dig deeper and deliver generously:


Many companies offering office refurbishment services will be quick to produce a design concept to wow and dazzle you. But there is a lot of discovery that should occur before even one single thought is given to the design of the office interior itself.

The right workplace transformation partner will spend the time getting to know your business and people to determine exactly what makes them special. All of this information will then be used to accentuate your strengths – or, alternatively and additionally, make improvements where they can be made – as part of the Ideation of your new office fitout.

Questions that might be asked:

  • How do your employees prefer to work?
  • Do they need to gather together or do they require quiet spaces or both?
  • What sort of technologies are you using and where is your business headed in terms of agility and connectivity?
  • How are you currently communicating across teams and how can this be further facilitated?
  • Do you have high rates of absenteeism or employee churn?

The answers to all these questions should directly influence what occurs next in the Ideation phase.

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Fully armed with knowledge from the Insight discovery process, the right workplace transformation partner will start planning your commercial office refurbishment with evidence-based outcomes at the front of their mind. A new office interior should not be just a cosmetic exercise but one that gives you measurable ROI.

For example:

  • How can an interior office design contribute to attracting and retaining talent?
  • How can it assist in reflecting and consolidating your brand and business values?
  • How can a new office fitout help with wellness and wellbeing of your people and, consequently, lead to greater levels of productivity?

Office refurbishment companies that take a holistic transformational approach to a commercial fitout will look to deliver on these outcomes as part of their unique ideation for you. No business is the same as yours. Neither should the ideation of your office interior design.


The right transformation partner only commences Implementation of the Ideation phase once they have total buy-in for their proposed office design and fitout. ‘Partner’ is the key word here. The right transformation partner will have the capability to partner and work closely alongside you in presenting more than one viable solution to any given problem.

The Implementation of your commercial office refurbishment needs to be performed with accuracy, efficiency and timeliness so your operations experience the least amount of disruption. The Implementation should also deliver on the promises made in the Ideation phase so you are under no illusion that your new office fitout is exactly what you agreed upon.

Don’t be fooled – a fitout is not just a spatial and colour process. It is about evolving the DNA of your business and establishing solid foundations for a successful future. Only the right workplace change partner can make that happen for you.

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