“A direct impact on productivity, engagement and people’s happiness coming to work”
– Lauren, HR Manager, 1-Stop Connections

A global leader in port logistics solutions, 1-Stop Connections creates innovative products for the global market. From shipping and ports to road and rail, their suite of integrated products and tailor-made solutions aim to maximise operating efficiency throughout the supply chain.

Before Axiom…

Global logistics is fast-paced. 1-Stop are true innovators in the field and has rapidly outgrown their premises, taking on additional team members at an exponential rate. This is not set to slow down. Beginning with a staff of under 20, their team in 2018 comprised over 100 individuals with this figure set to double in the next five years. As such, they needed a space which would highlight their innovative spirit, spotlight their efficiency, facilitate collaboration and provide the scope to grow with the business.

Split across 4 floors, collaboration was waning, and the company looked to secure new premises where the connection between teams could be more readily fostered.

Axiom was invited to present their vision to 1-Stop decision-makers and was almost immediately engaged. Through a series of briefings, we brought together a team of designers, estimators, project managers and construction experts to create a visionary workspace.

With 1-Stop Connections, our team enjoyed the benefit of developing the workspace from a minimal blank canvas. We were presented with the new Redfern premises as a refurbished but older building complete with polished concrete floors, an open ceiling and industrial/warehouse vibe, all of which highlighted the initial acoustic challenges.

When collaboration is key, we need to manipulate space to provide areas which buzz and others where there is a possibility for quiet interaction. Installing the right materials to balance the environment’s sound was a challenge we addressed instantly. Part of the solution was to include a central breakout area, smaller one-on-one meeting rooms, shared spaces and 100 workstations which treated the acoustics uniquely in each area.

After Axiom…

“Already connection is felt across the business”
– Michael Bouari, CEO 1-Stop

From inception through to the ideation and implementation of the project, the Axiom team successfully transitioned 1-Stop from their previous premises into their exceptional new workspace.

Interior design, concept development, construction management, electrical and lighting solutions, furniture & workstations and project management were all within the brief and delivered within a 12-week timeframe to budget.

The creative vision was realised as a sleek, bold, modern and dynamic space. Careful, creative and considered, we approached the project as an opportunity to sculpt a unique space. Elevating the working environment, our design incorporated leading technologies and finishes as well as beautiful natural elements to increase workplace wellness.

Working with a progressive and innovative client, Axiom was able to push boundaries and arrive at meaningful, sometimes playful design decisions to achieve a space in which the team thrive.

“A deliberate process which delivered what we wanted”
– Tony Payn, GM Finance, 1-Stop

The concept rested on weaving the company’s story into every possible aspect of the fitout. Shipping containers were recycled and used as wall finishes. Aerial views of shipping ports were referenced in flooring patterns, and graphic elements throughout the workspace paid homage to the logo.

Bright blue cables were featured throughout the space – overhead, along walls and throughout breakout spaces to encourage the idea of constant movement. A playful take on tracks, shipping lines and journey maps – these features underpin the company’s ethos of progression and dynamism.

Largely open plan, the space caters for team discussion, high-level presentations and more private consultations. A creative core was constructed in the form of a communal kitchen/breakout space and an innovation lab was created which provides the opportunity for the team to share ideas and inspiration.

Ethical, energy-efficient and low carbon footprint options were also addressed as part of the design. Throughout this project, we had sourced many local materials, used existing fittings and applied a stringent vetting process to use suppliers who worked with a considered environmental approach.

We tackled the project with a mandate to re-purpose and re-invigorate as much of their current workspace as possible. By surveying their fixtures and fittings, we were able to bring into the new space a range of furniture that we upcycled and appropriated – thus reducing waste, maximising budget and removing the need to purchase more occasional furniture. Finally, our team ensured that the space provided exemplary abilities to recycle its own waste.

“Pretty much perfect”
– Michael Bouari, CEO 1-Stop

Pumping with enthusiasm, primed for spontaneous collaboration and right at the forefront of innovation – 1-Stop Connections now have a workspace which keeps pace with their energy.

Adaptable, dynamic and providing the flexibility to grow, Axiom has created a workspace which not only fulfils the current needs of the client but nurtures them towards the future as well.

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