Nearmap  Reduces their Workspace at Barangaroo Towers

Nearmap engaged Axiom for a workplace transformation to reduce their office space as a result of their 2022 hybrid work policy. Located in Barangaroo Sydney, they occupied 2 floors of the building and wanted to consolidate this to 1 floor. Axiom used their unique integrated methodology to deliver;

  1. Workplace Strategy using the wrkx INDEX
  2. Workplace Design
  3. Workplace Construction Delivery

In this video, Nearmap talks about the experience of working with Axiom and the workplace transformation.


Nearmap Transformation with the Integrated Methodology


Measurable data was obtained by the wrkx INDEX and then incorporated into the workplace strategy. Included in the wrkx INDEX is a series of surveys, the team survey's dive into the employee attitudes, examining the drivers behind their experience and behaviour. In addition, movement and occupancy sensors track and record movement in the workplace every 2 seconds, allowing the Axiom Strategists to provide recommendations based on the data. 

The employee survey revealed the Nearmap team's top reasons to return to the office were;  

  1. Nurturing relationships and a sense of belonging
  2. Productivity and efficiency
  3. Set-up (e.g. technology, equipment, internet and furniture)


The data insured the design team prioritised these important design elements for new workplace:

  1. It is important that the office provides access to the technology and equipment needed to perform for job roles
  2. It is important that the office supports hybrid working and interactions with those who are working remotely
  3. It is important that the office allows the team to work in a safe and hygienic way

62% of the time in the office will ideally be spent in alternate work settings that support collaboration and connection.  


Construction Delivery

The design and construction delivery of the new consolidated office included:

  • The removal of the internal staircase and filling the large hole in the ceiling
  • The redesign and fit out of the Nearmap laboratories
  • Repurposing of existing office fit out materials
  • Acoustics and insulation to meeting rooms
  • Additional power outlets installed to the large common work area
  • Transformation of the offices on the lower floor into meeting rooms with sound proofing
  • Interior design of the new office to represent the Nearmap brand


Acoustics and Soundproofing

Nearmap enlisted Axiom to transform their existing offices into cutting-edge meeting rooms equipped with state-of-the-art AV technology, offering the flexibility to host both in-person and virtual meetings. A key focus for Nearmap was to optimise the acoustics within these meeting spaces to ensure that neighbouring individuals were undisturbed by the voices of in-person and digital meetings. This strategic approach not only facilitated confidential discussions but also enhanced overall meeting efficiency. The meticulous process involved the removal of ceilings and walls to allow the installation of premium soundproof insulation, guaranteeing a seamless and distraction-free meeting environment.

New call-to-action

Magentus Entry

The Magentus brand colours and beautiful feature lighting welcome clients and team members in the office entry.



Waiting Area

The entry waiting area provides a relaxed environment and beautiful natural light. 


The  Kitchen

The Magentus Kitchen space has stunning panoramic views of Melbourne. The open space and natural light provide an enticing space for team lunches.



Collaborative Seating

Magentus wanted a "cafe style" office. The booth seating provides a relaxed cafe vibe and encourages team collaboration.




Collaborative workstations provide an opportunity for colleagues to hot desk. A clean desk policy reduces clutter.



Convenient Seating Options

In line with Magentus 'Cafe Style', bench seating is strategically placed throughout the office for convenience and comfort. 


Board Room

The open space with a city scape view and board room table provides enough room for larger meetings, allowing more of the team and clients to connect in person. 


Meeting Spaces

A variety of meeting spaces provide options for smaller team meetings and further encourage team collaboration.