Jacobs Engineering - Melbourne Office


Jacobs is a global engineering and consultancy firm with hundreds of offices across the world. Jacobs provides professional services including engineering, technical, professional and construction services, as well as scientific and specialty consulting for a broad range of clients globally, including companies, organisations, and government agencies. Jacobs engaged Axiom workplaces to construct the refurbishment of their Melbourne office in Flinders Street.

Axiom was appointed to reproduce design documentation in compliance with Australian standards and local authority codes and construct the fitout in accordance with Jacob's global design standards. The client, with the aim of adhering to their global standards, procured all furniture, while Axiom was responsible for coordinating the services and installing/integrating the furniture within the proposed fitout of 2 floors of the building. Products that were not available locally were substituted and approved by the Global design team for implementation in the Australian fitout. The work was carried out around an existing fitout that was partially demolished and partially refurbished, all in pursuit of meeting the project's objectives.

Implementing Jacobs Global Office Design

Axiom seamlessly integrated Jacobs' global design standards into the new office space. Leveraging the design and documentation provided by Jacobs, outlining their international benchmarks, Axiom meticulously adapted and reproduced the plans to meet Australian standards and local regulations. The fitout was expertly constructed in alignment with Jacobs' global design guidelines. The client sourced all furniture, and Axiom skillfully managed the coordination of services and installation, seamlessly integrating the furniture into the overall design. Any products not readily available locally underwent approval by the Global design team for inclusion in the Australian fitout. Despite the challenge of working around an existing partially demolished and refurbished fitout, Axiom successfully executed the project with precision and expertise.

The Building

Located at 452 Flinders Street, this A-grade landmark building boasts a remarkable 5.5-star NABERS Indoor Environment rating and a 4.5-star NABERS Energy rating, ensuring optimal comfort for occupants. The office building features end-of-trip facilities designed to cater to active commuters who cycle, jog, or walk to work, as well as those who enjoy exercising before, after, or during their workday. With an on-site cafe, dining options, premium concierge services, and convenient access to childcare, this workplace promotes a harmonious work-life balance. Additionally, the expansive floorplates, ample natural light, and breathtaking views overlooking the CBD, along with a 200-seat auditorium within the building, enhance the overall work environment.

The Project

The construction and installation included;

  • Furnishings in workstation areas
  • Bulkheads to lockers
  • Meeting rooms
  • Collaborative seating throughout
  • Focus areas
  • Huddle areas


The finished Space

Jacobs awarded a perfect 10 NPS score for the project's completion, showcasing the successful adherence to global guidelines and the timely, on-budget delivery of the workspace.


Photos taken by Graham Alderton.


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The Design

The key design themes - Authentic, Inquisitive, Engaging - serve as the foundation for the transformative design elements implemented in this workspace. The hospitality aspects of PIP's Sydney office fitout underscore the organisation's commitment to creating a welcoming and inspiring environment where employees can socialize and work harmoniously with their coworkers. By driving purpose and innovation through colocation, PIP leverages its office design to foster a culture of collaboration, creativity, and excellence.

The new workspace embraces the principles of biophilia, and the integration of lush greenery and natural elements. Not only did this beautify the outdoor space but also significantly expanded the breakout and function areas, creating a harmonious connection with nature.

Furthermore, strategic changes in floor finishes have been carefully curated to guide visual pathways throughout the workspace, enhancing the flow and functionality of the environment. The emphasis on natural light not only benefits the well-being of the staff but also adds a sense of warmth and vitality to the space, with the built environment thoughtfully positioned against solid walls to optimize exposure.

In addition, the inclusion of a wellness space, equipped with amenities such as a fridge and an occasional armchair, caters to the diverse needs of the employees, providing a dedicated area for activities like prayer, meditation, and relaxation. The arrivals area has been thoughtfully designed to exude a sense of welcome and inclusivity, achieved through strategic zoning and the selective use of timber ceiling panels upon entry, setting the tone for a positive and inviting work environment.




The Outcome

Axiom truly excelled in maximizing the functionality of the limited floor space available through innovative and thoughtful space planning techniques. By incorporating softer curves and angles into the design, they were able to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall aesthetic, balancing out the building's rectilinear structure. This design choice not only enhanced the visual appeal but also helped to clearly define the different areas within the workspace, from open workspaces to meeting rooms and breakout areas, using a clever combination of colours and textures.

Moreover, the creation of a versatile collaborative zone in the breakout space showcased Axiom's commitment to creating dynamic and multifunctional work environments. This space not only served as a town hall or presentation area but also doubled as a communal meal space, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among employees. Its strategic location near the large balcony further enhanced its functionality, allowing for seamless transitions between indoor meetings and outdoor gatherings, ultimately promoting the social well-being and connectivity of the staff. Axiom's attention to detail and focus on creating spaces that cater to both practical needs and social interactions truly set them apart in the world of design.