Life at Axiom

A thriving workplace is a rewarding vision that our passionate team strives to achieve.

Axiom Workplaces is built on the idea that people and businesses can flourish in the right environment. To that end, we research, strategise, design and deliver workplaces that bring cultures alive, that make people productive, that inspire collaboration, that help organisations prosper.

The future of work is here, and along with it, the radical new technologies, tools and ways of working. Guided by our values, Axiom is meeting the challenges of tomorrow, creatively, measurably, and collaboratively.

Axiom values


Work in our workplaces

Axiom people are strategic, professional, diligent, and engaging. We go about our work in a sharply focused yet collegiate and collaborative way, bound by our passion for creating successful workplaces. This requires us to be insightful, curious, responsive to change - and to never take our eye off that objective.

If this sounds like you, see our vacancies below

Job vacancies
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Associate Business Development

Brief: This role offers the opportunity for an experienced sales professional to network and nurture relationships through generating leads, booking meetings and impacting the growth of the business.

Sydney, Australia

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Associate Design


Brief: This role offers the opportunity for an experienced design leader to shape a team and collaborate at a senior level during an exciting and accelerated growth phase for Axiom.

Sydney, Australia